Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marketing Wednesday

I hope you didn't think I forgot about these posts. I didn't. Just taking a breather. During my breather the best thing happened. I went to see Warm Bodies in the theater (Really liked it) with my Mom and boyfriend.

Since my Mom paid for lunch I told her I would pay for the tickets. Of course the time we chose was for the Directors Hall which means there is more leg room, bigger seats, they give you a menu and someone will take your order so you don't have to go stand on line, and you get to pick your seat on a touchscreen before walking away from the desk. It's also $12 a ticket.

I didn't grumble about the price. My Mom, however, suggested we wait until the next showing when the price dropped back down to $9.50 a tickets, but I just wanted to see the movie so I gladly handed over my debit card. The girl took my card ran it through and turned away. When she turned back around she was holding three books, one for each ticket purchased. It was like Christmas. My eyes lit up and I was like "What's this?"

Turns out they were giving the books out for free if you were seeing Warm Bodies. How cool is that? At that point I thought it was worth the extra money because I got three books for the price of one. Granted they were the same book, but who cared.

Simon and Schuster's marketing department should be patted on the back. What a great way to promote another authors book? They might not be getting the sale, but they're getting the book into the readers hand and that's the most important thing. And if the person who gets a book doesn't read, you know they'll give it to someone who does.

So I know this isn't something you can do yourself. But it was too good not to talk about. And who knows. Maybe if you sign with S&S it will.

Have you ever been given a book when you buy a movie ticket?

Oh and for those that are curious the name of the book is White Horse by Alex Adams. I have an extra copy and will probably be giving it away over at Falling For Fiction in the upcoming months.

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Nope, that's never happened. And we don't have servers taking our orders, we have to get our own damn food. For the price you pay, they should be serving us though. :)

    I've never seen them give anything away at a movie, but that's a great idea. I'll have to look up White Horse--not familiar with that one.

  2. So cool! One time I got a t-shirt at a movie, but never a book. What a great way to market that book!!